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Why Pregnant Women are Turning to ASMR

Stress is common amongst pregnant women especially as they approach their final weeks. This can be due to fatigue, delivery pressure amongst other things. During this period, expectant mums turn to all sorts of practices that can help them relax. This includes doing some yoga, meditating or even better, listening to ASMR videos.

ASMR videos have grown in popularity over the past year. They have helped thousands of women gain relief and rest from all the physical discomfort caused by pregnancy. Brenda Hawkins, a saleswoman from Oregon, describes these videos as god sent, ‘when a friend recommended ASMR videos during my third trimester, they would soothe me to sleep every night.’ She describes how she was in a point of no return. Nothing could help her relax until she found an alternative that wasn’t medical and had zero side effects.

After Brenda had listened to her first video, she wanted to know more about ASMR. Her research helped her learn that ASMR fully known as autonomous sensory meridian response is a physical reaction induced by whispering sounds into the ear. The response manifests itself as a pleasant euphoric tingling sensation that starts from the crown of the head while gently spreading throughout the body inducing a sense of deep relaxation.

Currently, ASMR videos are being highly sought out on YouTube especially by stressed-out pregnant women. This has led to the rise of hundreds of ASMR artists that are pretty good at their jobs. When you check out these videos on YouTube, you will be shocked to find out how they have amassed hundreds of views.

However, as much as ASMR can induce a sense of relaxation and calmness to anyone. It is proving to be more beneficial to pregnant women. This is mostly because during pregnancy oxytocin is elevated, and it plays a significant role during breastfeeding and labour. Research done on ASMR has proven how it activates the same areas of the brain responsible for inducing a soothing/bonding effect.

This close connection has seen to it that most pregnant women are turning to ASMR videos for relief. And ASMR artists have risen over the years. Most of them are focusing on making videos that imitate prenatal messages or any other relevant sound that appeals to expectant mums.

If you are an expectant mum and you are looking for a way on how you can calm your nerves and relax from all the worries associated with being expectant. Then, ASMR can be of big benefit to you.

According to Maria, an ASMR artist who runs the Gentle Whispering channel with over 1.6 million subscribers. And, also an expectant mum describes how she has a list of favourite videos that she likes to listen to when she is stressed. Like most expectant mums, Maria was surprised by the effect ASMR had on her during her pregnancy. She argues that ‘There reached a time where I no longer panicked on how I am going to get some sleep. All I had to do was listen to some ASMR videos, and I would be distracted from my motherly worries. I would then fall sound asleep.’

‘Over the years, I have directed many pregnant women to try out ASMR. 90% of them have come back to me asking for recommendations to more ASMR videos,’ says Maria.

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