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ASMR Cerebral marvel or internet sensation?

ASMR is everywhere now. Simply do a quick search for the term on YouTube and you will find innumerable results. They range from anything to hair brushing, to gum chewing, and more. What used to be considered a cult phenomenon, relegated to the weird part…
ASMR Articles

The Art and Science of Whispering

Whenever we listen to whispering, we generally feel a tingling sensation. This, together with the high-frequency noises and the online community that is devoted to such noise is collectively called Autonomous sensory meridian response. This is often abbreviated as ASMR. The same case arises whenever…
ASMR Articles

ASMR Mental Health Study Results

ASMR, a brain-tingling sensation that people are always seeking online, may be more than just a pleasant feeling. A new ASMR Mental Health Study published in the Journal Plos One has shown that this sensation also provides mental and physical health benefits. Other Anecdotal evidence…