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Is There Any Money To Be Made in ASMR?

If you’ve been hearing a lot about ASMR lately, there’s a reason for that. What you once might have called a “shiver down your spine” has become one of the most interesting and sought after phenomenon of recent internet history. ASMR can generate a subjective feeling that is often described as a type of euphoria, and you may find that you have actually already encountered this experience already at some point in your life. Given the immense popularity of this sensation, there’s indeed a lot of money to be made from helping others experience this feeling.

What does ASMR do?

Have you ever notice yourself being lulled into a highly relaxed or even sleepy state by specific sounds in your environment? Perhaps you’ve found yourself nodding off to the smooth and monotonous voices piping through the speakers on your television, like when Bob Ross paints his happy little trees. Or maybe you can’t make it through a whole session of listening to an audiobook without finding yourself close to sleep. There’s a very good reason for that.

The relaxation and euphoric sensation you feel is brought on by certain triggers. These can include whispering or soft speaking, or the sound of pages turning in a book. Some may even find that the sound of someone eating or even smacking their lips together can bring about the shivers and tingling that make ASMR so popular. Other people may find that the soothing feelings of ASMR are triggered by watching someone fold or iron their laundry or a cat grooming itself.

No matter what the trigger, the most common theme that connects them is repetition. Given the huge variety of potential triggers for ASMR, there’s absolutely no shortage of assistance for inducing this sought after state. So how did it become so popular?

ASMR is the one of the internet’s hottest trends

While you may not be that familiar with the practice, ASMR has become one of the internet’s hottest trends. Thanks to video sharing sites like YouTube, there are now millions of sources of potential ASMR triggers that you can view may help you to reach the land of nod. In fact, this phenomena is so popular that many talented and effective artists have made a killing from the ASMR industry.

Browsing through the collections of ASMR resources, you may have noticed that the most popular videos are part of collections made by particular artists. These people know their craft so well that they’re often called ASMRtists, using their particular talents to bring new and interesting content to their subscribers. Popular names, including GentleWhispering, Heather Feather and Ephemeral Rift, have built substantial followings simply from recording themselves whispering, performing guided meditations, or performing repetitive tasks.

You may be wondering why people continue to produce such bizarre, repetitive videos. Given how difficult it is for most people to relax and unwind after a busy day, these videos and soundtracks can make the difference between a peaceful sleep and being kept up all night by your thoughts. A talented and effective ASMRtist can generate a substantial income by being good at their trade, as thankful users will generously donate and contribute to the continuation of their video production.

How to make money from ASMR

It sounds easy, right? If you have the right kind of voice or know how to carry out a task with the right kind of moxie, then you too could become an ASMRtist. However, this is not for the feint-at-heart. You might be surprised to learn that there are ASMRtists who have taken up this craft as their full-time occupation.

ASMRtists are, at the basic level, content creators, and where one may have spent their time creating written works for the enjoyment of internet users the world over, ASMR has become one of the biggest and most lucrative trends of our generation. Though, while some may see success in this field, it takes a certain amount of luck, a little bit of initial expenditure as well as some creative marketing skills, to really turn this from your side hustle into your full-time gig.

The bottom line is that you can make good money from ASMR, as long as you have something to offer. If you invest in some good quality equipment and understand how to reach people who need it the most, you can begin your foray into this interesting and beneficial niche. With enough research and knowledge into the ways in which ASMR can affect people, you can begin to earn income from your unique skill.

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