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Cardi B Uses AMSR for Restful Sleep Every Night

ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response continues to grow in popularity even among celebrities.

Rapper Cardi B uses ASMR every night to relax and get peaceful sleep. In an interview with W Magazine, the Bodak Yellow star talks candidly about how ASMR is a part of her bedtime routine every night.

The 13-minute video shows Cardi B stroking a fluffy rug, playing with a child’s toy, and purring into a microphone. At the end of the video, Cardi B signs off by whispering “I hope that this put you to sleep and I hope that this relaxed you and you have a beautiful beautiful beautiful blessed blessed blessed day. This is Cardi B, ASMR edition.”

Her hypnotic display gives insight into why her debut single and album Invasion of Privacy was so successful.

She also explains that her ex-husband Offset finds this ritual strange.

The ASMR phenomenon is all over YouTube with celebrities, YouTube personalities, and brands using this relaxing technique.

Most claim that these videos give them braingasms and create tingling sensations in their scalp, neck, and spine as well as help them to de-stress and sleep.

A 2015 study at Swansea University found that people are responsive to crisp sounds, slow movement, and whispering.

The Bodak Yellow rapper and new mom put her own stamp on ASMR as she explained how the ASMR craze has added to her relaxation and been a part of her bedtime ritual every night.

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