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ASMR Takes Off in South Korea

Are you a fan of ASMR videos? If the answer is no, then you are missing out big time!

The rate at which ASMR is gaining popularity is astounding.

If you do a quick search on YouTube, you will discover hundreds if not a thousand videos of people creating unique sounds or whispering on microphones with the intent to trigger the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).

ASMR can be defined as the tingling sensation that usually originates from the scalp and moves down your spine. These ASMR videos get lots of views from people in all corners of the world.

Fortunately, this trend, in the past few months, has also become quite popular in South Korea.

Did you know that ASMR videos rank as the 2nd most watched videos in South Korea? This research was done by Incross which is a Seoul based digital advertisement company, in September 2018. The study showed that the tingle-inducing videos were more popular than beauty tutorials and streaming of video games. However, video songs remain at the top of the list.

On an interview with one of the ASMR fans in Korea, Lee Yoon-Ju admitted that these sounds have been quite helpful. And, she enjoys listening to rain sounds since it helps her sleep better.

There is no doubt that ASMR does provide a lot of benefits. Most people who listen to these sounds agree that it boosts mental clarity/focus, induces sleep and a sense of relaxation. Lee, also added how these tingling sounds just make one feel good about themselves.

Lee, during the interview, she made it clear that when it comes to ASMR. People respond differently to certain sounds. For instance, some people would prefer the sound of rain in an open field to that heard when in the car.

Out of the different subgenres of ASMR that exist, ASMR role-playing has more demand in Korea.

An example of this subgenre is when you listen to the sound of a person imitating a particular action such as peeling out of earwax. Such sounds are likely to induce a tingling sensation.

Unlike the Western ASMR videos, which highly rely on the sound texture, ASMR role-playing is in high demand in Korea. This is according to Miniyu who is amongst the most well-known Korean ASMR artists.

Psychology professor, Lee Dong-gwi who works at the Yonsei University, he perceives ASMR as a source of relaxation to most Koreans. He emphasizes how busy today’s world is and that everyone is looking for an effective way to deal with stress. And, as at now, ASMR videos is one of the best alternatives. No wonder it is so popular.

Despite these tingles remaining to be an unexplained phenomenon in the scientific world, the advertising sector has embraced it at a high rate. Gone are the days when you would come across flashy and catchy ads on TV. Most advertising agencies are opting to blend ASMR into their advertisements by using soft-spoken narrators or certain repetitive sounds.

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