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The ASMR Stars Earning Thousands EVERY Month

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and people claim it gives them brain orgasms. Some people see it as a fetish while others are saying that the whispers, tapping, crinkles and etc help them go to sleep and helps them with their anxiety. A lot of male viewers see this as people being taken advantage of because the ASMR stars are all attractive women. On YouTube, the 5th most searched term was ASMR with over millions of videos in the catalogue. Here are some of the ASMR stars from Youtube with their thoughts on the subject.

Lauren Woods

Lauren started her ASMR career after her first video boosted her subscribers from 200 to over a hundred thousand. She found ASMR through a Physiology lecture at a university showing people how the ear works. The sound of barbershop buzzers from the presentation sent shivers down Lauren’s spine and she’s done ASMR ever since. She says that it’s like the feeling of having your friend draw shapes on your back. Her cousin killed herself when she was 20 and is one of her main motivations to keep making ASMR.


Sophie is a 22-year-old who is one of the younger females who do ASMR. She’s been making videos for 3 years and has partnered with brands to make over 70k a month. She used the money to pay for her car and college even though people made fun of her for doing ASMR. The reason Sophie found ASMR is because her brother was in a fatal car crash and the only thing that helped him was some marble ASMR.


Lucy found ASMR while looking for a replacement to wind down at night. She says that it helps her with her anxiety and ability to fall asleep. Since then Lucy quit her marketing job to pursue ASMR on YouTube full time. Lucy now has over 42 million views on YouTube and makes more than 3k a month.

The ASMR Lifestyle… 

Other than making sounds for people these ASMR stars also dress up as random characters to talk to their subscribers. Lauren defends herself and says that it can’t be porn because YouTube would never allow things like that. Little does she know that a lot of predators and people go to ASMR videos to be sexually pleased. This is where it gets tricky for companies and brands because ASMR is on a thin fence on whether or not it’s considered sexual. Sophie defends this notion and says that ASMR is more about making a connection, showing support, and being a presence. She sternly says that there’s nothing sexual about her videos and that they’re meant to care and comfort the viewer to make them feel secure and safe. Lucy, on the other hand, knows all about the creeps and repercussions that come with making ASMR videos. Lucy fully admits that part of the job for ASMR is to make yourself look sexy and attractive. She says that you have to look more than presentable to get more views and that people get more connected the more appealing you look. Lucy and Sophie have had their fair share of people messaging them lewd messages and pictures. They make videos for people with foot fetishes and make custom-tailored videos for their subscribers who pay more. Lucy, for example, made a self-hypnosis video for a female swimmer and charged $200 for it. Lauren does bespoke videos for people with PTSD or mass anxiety. She makes custom ASMR YouTube videos with their names in it to help them with whatever they’re going through.

Final Thoughts On ASMR…

The ASMR life comes with a lot of benefits for women but also has its dark downsides. When Sophie decided to go on the This Morning show on ITV, it made ASMR mainstream and got everyone interested in it. The audience of the show were half satisfied while the other half were annoyed. Scientists were intrigued and started doing studies on ASMR. The studies published shows that it doesn’t affect everyone and only puts people in a trance for the ones that it does work on.

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