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Samsung ASMR Phone Case

The powerful soothing sounds of ASMR video have had an overwhelming response. The oddly satisfying sounds associated with squishing foam or popping bubble wrap have been known to give more than a few us comfort and satisfaction.

2018 marked the year ASMR made its debut and received an overwhelming response. In fact, Samsung took steps to make soothing ASMR videos much easier to create. New research experimented with AI and a phone case with human ears to create soothing ASMR videos by simulating the human ear. This method is called aiMo. The ears on the case are extremely sound sensitive and capture realistic sound.

Samsung’s ears make it possible to create enhanced ASMR sound that’s spacially direct, vivid, and realistic, without professional recording devices.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR is a phenomenon that focuses on videos with soothing sounds like soft whispers, snapping, crackling and a whole host of other sounds. Over the past few years, ASMR has gained popularity on Instagram and Youtube.

The ears attached to the case are a mystery in terms of how they enhance the ASMR process as much as they do. However, Samsung says that the sound is so sensitive that even outdoor ASMR videos are possible. This is significant considering these videos require very little background noise to effectively capture the sounds.

The jury’s out as to whether aiMo will continue to gain popularity. Aside from Samsung’s C-Lab designed for experimental technology, little is known as to how this case with ears will do. However, Samsung’s ASMR case with ears is set to make its debut at CES.

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