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ASMR Mental Health Study Results

ASMR, a brain-tingling sensation that people are always seeking online, may be more than just a pleasant feeling. A new ASMR Mental Health Study published in the Journal Plos One has shown that this sensation also provides mental and physical health benefits. Other Anecdotal evidence…
ASMR Articles

Physiological Benefits of ASMR

With more than 13 million ASMR videos on YouTube, it’s fair to describe this internet phenomenon as one of the biggest crazes of recent years. Whether you love or hate Audio Sensory Meridian Response (to give it its full title), it is clearly here to…
ASMR Articles

What’s the Science behind ASMR?

For those who are tuned into digital trends, internet memes and viral videos, the acronym ASMR probably sounds familiar. Ask those same people what it stands for or what it means, however, and they’re likely just as bewildered as the rest of us. ASMR –…
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