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Makenna Kelly Popular 13 Year Old ASMRtist QUITS YouTube

In recent times, there have been more than a handful of well-known individuals who have decided to quit the YouTube platform and thus shut down their channels. Some of these people are able to make headlines due to the reason behind their decision; Makenna Kelly, aka Life with Mak, is one of these YouTubers.

This 13-year-old garnered popularity due to uploading videos where she can be seen trying different foods, whispering, and scratching or tapping things into a microphone. Kelly was able to acquire more than 1.5 million subscribers, which is quite outstanding. Even so, her popular channel appears to be coming to an end.

In an effort to combat the paedophilia issue present, YouTube removed some of Kelly’s videos. Kelly addressed this action by stating that she believes that YouTube is discriminating against her, being imbalanced with the rules it enforces and ignoring her complaints that regard to being sexually cyberbullied. This talented young lady believes that there is a double-standard present, one that is taking a while to be addressed in an adequate manner. Even though Kelly has complained repeatedly, she has been completely ignored. This has left her with no other option than to shut down her channel once and for all.

In recent years, YouTube has been confronting a meaningful paedophilia crisis. YouTube is meant to help individuals relax and just have a healthy and pleasant experience watching videos, but there are some people who look at this platform like the ideal one to visit in order to have a sensual experience. YouTube has stated several times that in order to help combat this ongoing issue, it terminates thousands of underage accounts every week. Even so, the problem persists, which makes many believe that perhaps this platform is not implementing the proper approaches.

A recent report has showcased that YouTube’s algorithm makes it easy for paedophiles to watch videos of young children. Paedophiles are recommended with videos that go hand-in-hand with similar ones they have recently watched. Due to this report, YouTube decided to alter its policies and ban individuals who are 13 years of age and younger from live streaming if there is no adult present.

Within the past three months, YouTube has removed 12 videos from Kelly’s channel due to being perceived as ‘sexual content.’ Kelly has mentioned that she has no problem following YouTube rules, but she does have a problem with being treated differently than other minors. She has gone on to mention that there are other teenagers on YouTube who conduct questionable actions, but even so, their videos are not being removed. Kelly has expressed that feels like a bad person for eating honeycomb on camera.

YouTube has hired child safety experts in order to catch those individuals who want to harm children, as it has taken into account that it still needs to progress in this area. Kelly is currently searching for the best platform to switch to in order for her loyal followers to continue enjoying her one-of-a-kind videos.

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