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Earn £30 an hour to whisper into the ears of stressed people

If you’re bored at your regular job you can now be paid £30 to whisper into other people’s ears.

The ASMR service was launched by a company whose intention is to help employees relax by hiring professionals to whisper into the ears of those who are stressed.

The autonomous sensory meridian response, ASMR, is a phenomenon where some sounds cause a relaxing response in someone.

The company,, expects the professionals to provide group sessions to various businesses in the UK and be paid the £30. Some of the triggers these “ASMR experts” are expected to give include whispering, eye examination role-playing and tapping among others. Office supplies should also be used in the process by tapping keyboards or shaking staples.

A survey conducted recently showed that most people watch ASMR clips on YouTube as a way of handling stress or improving sleep patterns. Most of the people also reported experiencing improvements after watching the clips. A section of those who suffer from chronic pain also reported a reduction in the pain after watching the videos.

In another study, those who experienced ASMR also had a reduced heart rate when exposed to the triggers, something that can be compared to other stress relief methods such as music.

If you think you’re n ASMR pro, you can apply by sending your CV to the company’s website. Any person who think they can provide “a relaxing ASMR”, can travel to different places in the UK, is comfortable being close to strangers and has some experience can apply.

According to the managing director of the company, Tina Benson, the ASMR community is very close even though there are millions of people experiencing the phenomenon across the world. Bringing it to the office, therefore, seems like a good idea. It’s relaxation benefits can increase team morale and make the atmosphere in the office better.

The professionals will also be expected to help put those who are uncomfortable experiencing ASMR in a group setting at ease. They need to deliver triggers that will “soothe even the most stressed-out employees”.


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