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Apple makes 4 ASMR iPhone Commercials

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos are the internet’s latest craze. For those who are unfamiliar, this new trend of videos features soft, specific sounds (like whispering or scratching) that gives some viewers a tingly feeling.

In fact, ASMR accounts have millions of views on YouTube. One of the most popular (Gibi ASMR) has over 2 million subscribers. Some of her videos have as many as 13 million views.

With all the buzz surrounding ASMR, it’s no wonder many of the biggest brands (from IKEA to Apple) are taking advantage. In fact, by all accounts, the tech giant’s newest advertising strategy was engineered to make you tingle.

Recently, they released 4 ASMR videos for the “Shot on iPhone” campaign. They are all autonomous, for those who respond to certain sounds but not others. For instance, there’s one called “Whispers from Ghost Forest” that features a spooky sounding woman telling a story about the Neskowin Ghost Forest in Oregon while another “Satisfying woodshop sounds” is pretty self-explanatory.

The Bottom Line…

Apple’s new ASMR campaign is sure to please those who love ASMR videos. Just remember your headphones so you get the full effect.

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