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Why Pregnant Women are Turning to ASMR

Stress is common amongst pregnant women especially as they approach their final weeks. This can be due to fatigue, delivery pressure amongst other things. During this period, expectant mums turn to all sorts of practices that can help them relax. This includes doing some yoga,…
ASMR Articles

ASMR Cerebral marvel or internet sensation?

ASMR is everywhere now. Simply do a quick search for the term on YouTube and you will find innumerable results. They range from anything to hair brushing, to gum chewing, and more. What used to be considered a cult phenomenon, relegated to the weird part…
ASMR Articles

Is There Any Money To Be Made in ASMR?

If you’ve been hearing a lot about ASMR lately, there’s a reason for that. What you once might have called a “shiver down your spine” has become one of the most interesting and sought after phenomenon of recent internet history. ASMR can generate a subjective…
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Samsung ASMR Phone Case

The powerful soothing sounds of ASMR video have had an overwhelming response. The oddly satisfying sounds associated with squishing foam or popping bubble wrap have been known to give more than a few us comfort and satisfaction. 2018 marked the year ASMR made its debut…
ASMR Articles

The Art and Science of Whispering

Whenever we listen to whispering, we generally feel a tingling sensation. This, together with the high-frequency noises and the online community that is devoted to such noise is collectively called Autonomous sensory meridian response. This is often abbreviated as ASMR. The same case arises whenever…
ASMR Articles

What is ASMR and Why Did it Go Viral in 2018?

This year on YouTube and the Explore section of Instagram ASMR has been frequently used. The word was listed in several videos on YouTube. Therefore, for YouTube enthusiasts who have been clicking through videos, you must have seen this word. It was trending on Instagram…
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